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Drop Deck Trailer v1
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Drop Deck Trailer v1

Drop Deck Trailer With Locking Script.


  • Shadowr434
    2017-02-07 03:00 Send message
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    You need to add credit to Winston. These are not yours.
  • Weird
    2017-02-07 17:13 Send message
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    Weird, I see Winston in the credits. Seeing that, I know its probably buggy and wont download it.
  • Plz fix
    2017-02-08 01:56 Send message
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    it pushes my truck around
  • @shadow
    2017-02-08 18:46 Send message
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    Give credit to winston my ass! everything he has done if from ATS ETS2 Or GTA. Where is there name seeing they made the models.
  • Winston garbage
    2017-02-15 17:16 Send message
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    Every truck that winston makes has screwed up cameras and drives like ass....why would anyone want to let people know they edited something that he once had anything to do with....as long as it works properly and the cameras (if it's driveable) are to vanilla game specs I would NEVER credit winston.
  • Koalat
    2017-03-07 03:15 Send message
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    This trailer activates my cruise control.... tf
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