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Drumard Farm v1.0
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Drumard Farm v1.0

Drumard Farm is based around a real working beef farm in the green green fields of Ireland, Co.Louth. There are two farms, Drumard Farm where the cows and sheep can be found, and Drumard arable farm where the pigs are located. The map features are:-

- Two Working Farms, one which has the Grain Silo located at. Two Forestry Areas around the map.
- One Sell Area with Two Sell Points (Drumard Grains 1/2) for the various crops.
- Low Cost Storage Area at Drumard Grains so you can store your crops when waiting on a great demand, there is also a low cost fee at this facility.
- Seed and Fertiliser point at Drumard Arable Farm.
- Prices have been also been increased. Missions on all fields not owned, to help get those field prices down.
- Please be aware all hedges, fences and walls have collision, however there are sizeable grass headlands around the fields to help those workers out.
- Automatic Gates and Lights on most of the Farm and farm Buildings.


  • Conor
    2017-02-25 23:29
    can't seem to get the map to play. its says its loading but won't start. any ideas whats up with it? have deleted it twice and reloaded but same result
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