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Dukefarming Map Pack v1.1
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Dukefarming Map Pack v1.1

This is an update to the map pack. I will post a video that goes into more detail.
The update is as follows....
1. Added trees to the map
2. Included the Seasons version I am using
3. Included forestry mods

Thanks for downloading and please visit my YouTube channel for more info on this and other mods.


  • Dukefarmin
    2017-09-10 20:24
  • Geust
    2017-09-13 01:28
    what is the name of the map?
  • David king
    2017-10-23 00:04
    Duke it is good to see you doing this again. I remember you from back in the FS 13 days and still have a lot of your stuff in 13 including your map from back then. Am looking forward to playing on a map you have done again.
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