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Earth and Sand v1.1 Beta
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Earth and Sand v1.1 Beta

I present to you mod Earth and Sand object posed by placeable, to obtain the raw material during the game. Both materials have properties silage.
This mod is to add something to the game that was not so far.

Thanks to the author of UPK (universalprocesskit) [Mor2000]
His fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/universalprocesskit

Official profile creators of this modification: www.facebook.com/vnsfdg2

- The game adds two material called DIRT [Earth] and SAND [Sand]
- In the shop there are two objects to be placed on the map

Installation, folder mods add three files:
- AAA_FS17_AddDirt.zip
- AAA_UniversalProcessKit.zip
- FS17_UPK_DirtAddTrigger_v1_0_Beta.zip


Terms / Prohibitions !!!
- Prohibition of change author and adding new authors
- Prohibition of change link
- The ban on modifications ModPack-ah
- The ban on issuing revised modification
- Ban on the use of elements from this modification
- The prohibition of copying ideas used in this modification
- Substituting modify, copy the original DESCRIPTION

You need to download all three fashion in the instructions above.


  • Chriss
    2017-02-21 17:32
    how can i find this mod?FS17_UPK_DirtAddTrigger_v1_0_Beta.zip
  • Name
    2017-02-21 20:59
    prendre le lien 1(2 mb) et 2(1 mb)
  • @i dont get it
    2017-03-07 03:41
    I play on the small usa map and there are some rough dirt roads throughout the map. I thought it would be cool to spread it all over the dirt roads to smooth it out.
  • Jwilson78
    2017-05-26 00:52
    horrible, crappy small mount .. you need to download all 3 zipp files thats being mention this description
  • Yoann
    2018-02-12 21:43
    je narrive pas faire fonctionné ce mod
  • Yoann
    2018-02-12 21:43
    je n'arrive pas faire fonctionné ce mod
  • Gganderson
    2018-09-01 02:10
    There only 2 Different files and not 3
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