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Earth of the de world v1.0
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Earth of the de world v1.0

adjusted prices
fixed winebar
texture error fixed
higher some pipes to fit all trailers
increased rootcrop capacity
added 2 x carwash
added fermenter pack
added manure maker
be aware the equipment you need are in the first download,if you don't have them yet you have to download that file.

It’s actually a multifruit and production  4x map.
Additional field fruits
Oat , rye,spelt,triticale,millet
Plum , pear , orange , apple , cherry,coffeebeans
The factory’s are not working with palletcollectors anymore so they can’t get bugged eather , you will need a special designed trailer to pick up the end products off all pallet based factory’s. 1 trailer made by bdbssb is build in the map ,you can find it in the shop to buy. Another one  called producttrailer will be included in the zipfile. No other trailer will be able to pick up the products.
I added allot new factory’s , also builded in the nice factoryPack from BDBSSB
With over 50 products a list off the factory’s will be included in the zipfile aswell will this explanation.
Also replaced the fertilizer and seeds factory’s with a updated model, you will be able to fill your seeders directly at the factory’s aswell
Needed mods in the zipfile
Holmer pack for rootcrops
12m header  sugarbeet/potato
12m header  onion/carrot
12m header cabbage,redcabbage,lettuce
Producttrailer to load factory products
PallettrailerBD to load factory products build in the mapfile can be found with the tippers
Liquidtrailerpack , 1 trailer for all kind off liquids , willn’t load fuel from ingame gasstations , will load own produced fuel or from the fuelstorages , 1 trailer loads only fuel to be find in misc category
Hops and hemp has to be cut with a maizeheader
I hope you all enjoy the multifruit edition off this map.


  • Alfred
    2017-10-28 12:29
    0 0
    joli map bien pour 773 mb
  • Rolam
    2017-10-28 13:04
    0 0
    das ist doch die Mavericks map
  • Rolam
    2017-10-28 13:06
    0 0
    Here is the link with the original maphttp://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2017-mods/mavericks-multifruit-v2-0/
  • Beep beep
    2017-10-28 13:32
    0 0
    bande de grros con ca carte de Mavericks fait 1g 185 lol faut etre fou pour faire une map a poids comme ca la mien s fait 773 pas photo
  • Beep beep
    2017-10-28 13:34
    0 0
    big band with his Mavericks card made 1g 185 lol must be crazy to make a map to weight like mine mine is 773 no photo
  • Slowboat
    2017-10-28 15:51
    0 0
    Is this seasons ready?
  • @skiwboat
    2017-10-28 17:51
    0 0
    Wow. Hurt much? It was a simple question looking for a easy answer but you went full stupid.
  • Rolam
    2017-10-28 18:32
    0 0
    This is the first maverick map nothing else. Some retard try to make it his own even the text is from Maverick V1. Kids will always be kids. They never learn. Uploading as a guest and than ansering as beep beep. Bann these people!!!!!!
  • @@skiwboat
    2017-10-28 18:52
    0 0
    Ask a retarded question, you get a retarded question. Don't ask retarded questions. Retard.
  • Bob ( wires )
    2017-10-28 18:53
    0 0
    I tend to agree, This is Maverick74 Map. No noticeable Changes, just a smaller Download. Beep Beep gave no Credit to Original Author. If you wish to play the Map, please download the Original. it is well worth it. Bob.
  • @@skiwboat
    2017-10-28 19:18
    0 0
    How was it a retarded question? Dude you really need to chill out and not get so upset about questions. I do not plan to download this because there has not any credit been given to the original author.
  • @slowboat
    2017-10-28 19:21
    0 0
    We can all see why you have SLOW in your name, retard. At least you're honest in letting people know that you're not the swiftest boat on the lake...
  • @hateboat
    2017-10-28 21:31
    0 0
    No...all we can see is a hater, a little boy who got his feelings hurt and never got over it, and now turns his inner hurt into anger and hate at the whole world. Go see a the therapist please....
  • Rolam
    2017-10-29 12:20
    0 0
    @hateboat and right you are........ someone needs a therapist...... all those kids who steal from others and upload as a guest......
  • Maverick74
    2017-10-31 14:54
    0 0
    Lmao , my map with another name and schrinked all the textures to make it smaller and made the map look like shit. I schrinked the map the best i could and for a map this size and so much to do the file isn't that big. little pathetic kids. If you want the desent version download mavericksmultifruit. I don't understand why this site doesn't ban kids like this.
  • Ereedks
    2017-11-01 03:00
    0 0
    @Maverick74, well said. BTW, I've been playing the multifruit map and I absolutely love it. You did a great job on it. Kudos!
  • Maverick74
    2017-11-01 16:21
    0 0
    thx ereedks
  • Nemodz
    2017-11-09 06:43
    0 0
    @beep beep your a low class piece of shit to go and take Maverick's work and put your name on it people like you are why modders are quitting, I make map mods myself BUT i will never upload any of my work cause of people like you or go and take someone elses work and put my name on it just goes to show you cant make your own mods so you steal others and put your name. im tired of good map makers like myself having their shit stolen you better add Maverick74 to the credits as the main map maker
  • Alf-inge hatlem
    2017-12-05 14:09
    0 0
    I cant loade board from the timber mil aith autoload trailer and cant load with loader
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