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Eicher G220 v1.1.0.0
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Eicher G220 v1.1.0.0

The G220 was the second largest device from the "Kombi"-series of Eicher and was built in the early 1960s.
By the half-frame construction with multiple mounting areas the G220 was versatile and could be used for example with platform, frontloader, drill etc..
The two-cylinder engine with 22hp and 1700ccm "accelerated" the Eicher up to 19km/h.
Due to the high steering angle, which was only made possible by the frame design, the G220 - despite its length - is a very agile tractor that is suitable especially for small transport work.

Price: 5900 €
Max. power: 22 hp
Max. speed: 19 kph
Maintenance: 30 € / day

Eicher-Fan, L4lcce, Deelerz, MadMax

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