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Elkhorn Valley v1
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Elkhorn Valley v1

This is Elkhorn Valley.  The map is based on Cumming County Nebraska along the Elkhorn River.  Map features mostly cropland and livestock.  Forestry is not in this map.
CBJ Midwest Modding for many buildings
Tim Burns for figuring out the server issues
Fuctd modding for testing
and last stand fs modding/editing for final testing.

James Brandt

  • Pete beret taylor
    2017-03-20 21:01
    Where is the danish windmill in Elkhorn ? You should have made the town ELK HORN in your map . Watch the vid added https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xo3mGCZdvB0
  • James brandt
    2017-03-20 23:12
    Its based on the Elkhorn River bottom in Cumming county Nebraska in the USA.
  • Glenn miller
    2017-03-21 21:34
    I like your map! How do you get the silage bunker to ferment? Thanks for your help!
  • Ralph hangslow
    2017-03-25 18:46
    Great map! Couple of issues that I have seen. While using hired help they will drive off of the map. Is there anyway that you can put some type of boarder to block them from being able to drive off of the side. Only other suggestion that I have would be a readout of what is in each silo as well as how much.
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