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Emerald Rock Valley Grain Map v1.0
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Emerald Rock Valley Grain Map v1.0

Welcome to Emerald Rock Valley Grain Map, a place where you can see for miles. Built mostly around grain farming, there's also a large BGA facility and straw/grass pellet silos for running the Straw Addon DLC. Map is seasons ready. Crops include wheat, barley, canola, corn. soybean, sunflower, potato, oat, rye, flax, strawberry, and sorghum. Error free on my end.

blank 4X map: NLD Modding
tutorials: ShyWizard
Additional Crop Types: RC-Devil
Objects: Giants Software
Buildings and Barns: CBJ Midwest Modding
Tim Hortons: Pascal 123
Wal-Mart Store: Winston9587
Shell gas station: Reaper9111
Sukup Bin Pack: Lazy Mod Studios
Dekalb Seed Company: MBJ


  • Terry
    2018-09-20 21:26
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    hey guest see if u can find a header for the john deere combine
  • Terry
    2018-09-21 00:11
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    hey guest love the map all it needs is rice added to it
  • Serge
    2018-12-30 09:17
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    Hi, nice map but every time the rollbelt in the pellet silo is blocked.Even when it is empty it says rollbelt is blocked, please empty it.After reloading the game it works again but i'm not gonna reload every time.
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