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Emerald Valley Logging v5.0.0.0
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Emerald Valley Logging v5.0.0.0

This bright green logging map is candy for the eyes. Enjoy! Basic farming is also available. (No animals. Create your own fields.)

Changelog (
- Added Biogas area.
- Re-planted all of the default grass so it is now mowable.
- Replaced wooden bridge.
- Replaced the preview image when the map is loading.
- Replaced the PDA textures.
- Replaced the water with a slow moving goldcrest version.
- Enhanced the lighting and darkness.
- 99% of the underwater terrain is now the dark forest ground.
- Fixed the gas station textures for console support.
- Replaced all DXT3 files with DXT5 for console support.
- Fixed tree texture files so they are the correct DXT format and removed all extra files.

Changelog (
- Removed the drive thru wood sell point.
- Lowered the box around the unload wood sell point.
- Removed mill ramp and widened the ramp next to the lake for bigger machines such as FDR's Letourneau.
- Removed invisible wall at the lake.
- New default vehicles have been added.
- Added Barn sell point.
- Added Grain factory sell point.
- Added Grain Silo.

Changelog (
- Replaced the ramps at the mill.
- Fixed 16781 tree so they are placed in the ground according to engine terrain instead of manual placement. Any floating trees are 100% fixed.

Changelog (
- 1103 Trees were separated because they were too close together.
- 1259 Trees checked for potential floating issues.
- Added sell point indicators at the mill.
- Replaced the "grain sell point" ramp with a normal ramp as intended.
- Cleaned up mod zip file for modhub requirements.

Changelog (
- New Map Emerald Valley Logging by FDR Logging

FDR Logging

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