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Enclosed trailer ORANGE v1.0
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Enclosed trailer ORANGE v1.0

This mod is an orange verison of Square2448's 25ft enclosed trailer. i am working on putting an asplundh logo on the side.



  • Name
    2018-05-20 15:47
    mod stealer
  • Azkor96
    2018-05-20 17:56
    I want the truck man!
  • Hey


    2018-05-20 21:52
    Tell us more about the work you are doing to put the logo on the side. Must be exhausting!
  • Square2448
    2018-05-20 23:20
    Hey! You Did Not Have Permission To Release This! You Did Not Message Me About Releasing It If You Would Have Message Me I Would Have Gave You Permission Please Take This Down Then Message Me.
  • Testratyt
    2018-05-23 17:27
    can get it to show up ingame anyway
  • Nolan
    2018-06-26 05:53
    Hi square2448
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