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Epsilon Palfinger M80F Mounted Crane for Tractors v1.0
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Epsilon Palfinger M80F Mounted Crane for Tractors v1.0

Here's my next mod conversion for the FS17. This time I have converted the Epsilon M80F Mounted Crane from the FS15. The original Mod comes from Timber131 . Thank you for permission to release this mod conversion. This crane can be mounted on any Tractor with a 3-point hitch. It can be used as rear crane and as a front crane. For stability, the Posts can be unfolded to jack up the tractor a littlebit. Mainly the crane is used of course to load Logs. But it can also be used to lift pallets to a trailer. Unfortunately, the gripper does not have enough strength to grab the pallets, but the very small Seed- and Fertilizer Bigpacks can gently be lifted and loaded. Of course, a Trailer can be attached with Ring Coupling to the Crane. Unfortunately, this version does not support the Dolly, i will fix this in an upcoming version. Thus, the attach of Timber trailers is conceivable.

Of course, this mod has a colorpick of the Crane on buy. It can be purchased for 15,000 € in Forestry Equipment.

Here a list of what I changed and adapted for the Conversion:
- Completely new Config with FS17 compatibility
- 3D model converted and made slight changes.
- Changed controls of the crane from Front Loader to Crane (same Controls now like the Bufallo Forwarder)
- Added Pick Color on Buy
- Added translation
- Modified forks, so that they can grab the large liquid fertilizer tanks
- A new brand logo and store graphics to match the FS17
- The log is as far as I know error free! When you see errors, please message to me.

This crane has the following Features:

- Fully Functional crane control
- To be installed at the rear and also to front coupling
- Deployable Posts Support
- Crane can be lowered to decouple to prevent it from fall over
- Trailer ring couplings (small trailers, no Dolly support in this version!)
- Color Pick when buying
- Forks can open wider as usual

Please don't change anything on this mod and don't reupload it without my Permissions! Don't steal Content! Ask for Permission.

Modell: Timber131/GIANTS
Textur: Timber131/GIANTS/Endless Dark
Script: Endless Dark
Idee / Konzept: Timber131/Endless Dark
Tester: Endless Dark

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