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EUROBOSS come 330 T in the years v1.0
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EUROBOSS come 330 T in the years v1.0

This is the EUROBOSS_330_T. He came a little in the years !!!
This is EUROBOSS_330_T of Giants I made it out of the Spie Lund for Mod !! Then I saw him, in the years
let him come !!! So Extreme traces !!!

Cost: € 12 125
Daily maintenance: € 8
Loading capacity: 25300 liters (straw, hay, grass)

Wishes a lot of fun with him you !!!
Everyone can do with it what he wants !! No permit required !!!

Modell: EUROBOSS 330 T_Alt
Textur: Meine Thunder01
Script: Giants und Mir Thunder01
Idee / Konzept:W√ľnsche anderer
Tester: Ich Thunder01
Sonstige: 2Franz

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