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With this mod you can transfer money between savegames or send it to the other players in an multiplayer mode game. Transfering money to a player can be done with 100 steps and drawing/withdrawing ist 5000 step.
Game Farming Simulator 17
Manufacturer Custom
Category Tool
Author rafftnix, MonkeyWalk
Size 15 KB..  push ctrl y

Author rafftnix, MonkeyWalk

  • @ copenhagen
    2016-12-28 22:44
    if the color green can be changed to black to see it better that would be cool
  • Copenhagen
    2016-12-28 23:05
    if i new how to change the color i would do it sorry bud...the video that is on it is not from me that is some of modhub bull shit
  • Jumbo747
    2016-12-29 18:05
    Hi Copenhagen,I have downloaded your mod and love your idea. However, you have not placed any information on how to open the mod up, or how to complete the basic steps of transferring money from one saved game to another (other that 100 - 5000 steps which at first sight is a little off putting) - your money transfer is a great idea, but PLEASE give us/me the basic details of how to operate it - it would help tremendously, look forward to your reply (have given you my e mail address)
  • Copenhagen
    2016-12-29 20:23
    left ctrl y bud
  • Mrmajor
    2017-01-31 17:34
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