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Neufeld Season v2.0
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Neufeld Season v2.0

Version 2.0 changelog:
Performance was improved
2 driving silos were added
Workshop was moved to another hall
Meadows are fertilizable now
Capacity of Compostmaster increased
Fuel consumption of the Compostmaster adapted
Bumps removed on box 13
New start fleet
Added street lighting
SnowMask has been adjusted
New paid water removal places placed
Stock content that you adjusted at the beginning of the game
A meadow was added
Player star point to the yard

This is the Neufeld.
My first map in Ls17.
It's built from scratch and Seasonsready.

- 3 courtyards (main courtyard with cows, pig farm, sheep farm)
- The map has 21 fields (from small to medium size).
- In Neufeld Baywa has settled and therefore there are 2 outlets under the name.
- Also: a bga, a sawmill, Compostmaster,
- Seedmaster (at the Kuhhof), 2 "villages" with gas station and butcher, biodiesel and soy milk production, and much more
- Forst is also available
- Mud is blocked

About me:
For questions about the map you can reach me via PM directly here, alternatively at Discord: https://discord.gg/tpUhD6
Also check out my Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYu94FfrtUhWkwVzRb0FwZg) for videos on the map!
So finally I would like to apologize for the Mb size of the map.

Is owed to my ignorance in the construction of the card.

As always:
Constuctive criticism is desired.
Do not be too hard .... it's my first map and I'm still learning

Giants Software GmbH
Edit: NiksLife
Gebäude/Zubehör von: Retro farmer
Ich bedanke mich bei allen Moddern deren Gebäude ich verwendet habe.
Sollte jemand namentlich genannt werden wollen bitte eine PN an den Administrator.

  • Chain
    2018-01-09 09:58
    never seen a farm irl with out any mud .
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