Farming simulator 2019 mods
F350 sema worktruck v1.0
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F350 sema worktruck v1.0

v3 added a sema lift readjusted attacher joint
v2 Fixed chrome, glass and added attacher joint
v1 added workbed, added fuels

Moses Gaming, TorqueWrench1/Cameron King/ACUSMC/Josh99/Bcbuhler/Tyler Roland/ENG51INE/KJModding

  • Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
    2020-11-23 17:07
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    Yall love putting gay ass mods on nice trucks
    • Mosesgamin
      2020-11-24 02:26 Send message
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      idk what you mean lol you said nice truck and bad mod so you make absolutely no sense at all im guessing you mean i shouldnt have lifted it
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