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Factory Farm v1.4.6
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Factory Farm v1.4.6

This is a Multi-fruit and Factories Production 4x Map V 1.4.6

Change LOG:
Fixed issue that was showing errors with MultiPlayer & Servers
Fixed Production Per Hour Issue with Kingsford Factory
Changed Fan Audio Levels at Meat Factory

Additional Field Fruits...

Oat, Rye, Spelt, Tobacco, Triticale, Millet, Onion, Hops, Lettuce, Red Cabbage, Carrot, Hemp, Cotton, Cabbage


Plum, Pear, Orange, Apple, Cherry, Coffee Beans


The factories are not working with pallet collectors so they can’t get bugged either, you will need a specially designed trailer to pick up the end products off all pallet based factory’s. 1 trailer made by BDBSSB is built in the map, you can find it in the shop to buy. Another one called producttrailer will be included in the zip file. No other trailer will be able to pick up the products.

I added a lot of new factory’s, also built in the factory pack from BDBSSB

There is a fertilizer and seeds factory’s with an updated model, you will be able to fill your seeders directly at the factory’s as well.

Needed mods in the zip file (Included)

Holmer-Pack for Root-Crops

12m Header  Sugar Beets/Potatoes

12m Header  Onion/Carrot

12m Header Cabbage, Red-Cabbage & Lettuce

Product Trailer to Load All Factory Products

Grain Trailer

PallettrailerBD to Load Factory Products built in the map file can be found with the tippers

Liquidtrailerpack , 1 trailer for all kind of liquids, will load fuel from in-game gas-stations, will load own produced fuel from the Texaco Factory or from the fuel storages, 1 trailer loads only fuel to be found in the misc category

All the mods are INCLUDED in the .zip file, Once Downloaded UNZIP

Hops and Hemp has to be cut with a Maize Header

I hope you all enjoy my Factory Farm map.

To support my work, it will be very appreciated :):):)

For map  support and updates go to my FB Page

1: make sure you don't have another map in you Mod Folder
2: you do not need UPK or any other script for the map, all you need is built in the map.


Fixed issue that was showing errors with MultiPlayer & Servers
Fixed Production Per Hour Issue with Kingsford Factory
Changed Fan Audio Levels at Meat Factory

  • Aedan
    2018-10-15 09:49
    Still getting a crash with courseplay 5. A bit more information for you, don't know if it will help. It seems that the crash always happens when courseplay is scanning field 7. Not sure if there are any other problems.
  • Edited
    2018-10-15 13:46
    This map is a EDIT of the Maverick Multifruit V6 map. To bad that this guy has damaged the map. Only fools are downloading this map!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nightcop34
    2018-10-15 17:24
    EDITED: If you viewed the MAP you would realize that its a lot more than just an EDIT!!!! With Mavericks Permission and Help I have Improved the Map!!! So that makes you the IDIOT and I can't FIX STUPID!!!!
  • David
    2018-10-15 17:30
    EDITED first off you need too read comments on other versions of this map.maverick gave him permission an even helped him with it.stop being a damn troll an mind your own buisness cause of fucking dumbass people like you modders will stop sharing.its a great map
  • Edited
    2018-10-15 20:23
    IT'S SHIT.... And Maverick hasn't give permission... becaus I know Maverick in person........So who's here the STUPID one?? This map is is a GREAT map for the [email protected] If you are so good in fixing... why haven't you fixed the CP problem?
  •  edited is a duumbass
    2018-10-15 21:48
    great map edit NIGHTCOP34 this is a great map thanks
  • Blacky
    2018-10-15 22:23
    Edited is just jealous cause he don't know hot make a map mod fucking duch bag.awesome map nightcop34 and maverick
  • Sal123
    2018-10-16 04:15
    Map great, works very fine with with course play, just takes few mnts to scan field 7 but dosnt crash, only problem with course play is can not regognize factory tip triggers and that is not map problem it is factory triggers problems cause it has planes, remove the plane and it works, CP works very fine with Silos triggers cause it dosnt have planes.
  • Ereedks
    2018-10-16 07:38
    @Edit, you are so full of shit. Why don't you bother researching, starting with the comments on version 1.2 of this map. You stupid ass, Maverick74 commented there that he gave permission to Nightcop34. I guess you don't know Maverick after all you liar. In fact, I'd say you don't know shit. You complain about this map edit by Nightcop. So tell us, what maps have you made? You didn't come from your mother's birth canal...you came from her ass, little turd.
  • Marcello
    2018-10-16 17:19
    bonjour NIGHTCOP34 ou trouver la fabrique de charbon de bois s'il vous plait merci tres grande et belle carte comme d'habitude encore merci pour votre temps a nous faire plaisir celui qui n'aime pas votre carte qu'il aille telecharger une autre carte mais ne pas critiquer votre travail je trouve ca insupportable de toujours ètre insultant envers vous
  • Maverick74
    2018-10-16 21:22
    ereedks , nightCop do have my permission to edit my map to learn modding, he's still learning things like even i do every day. So please stay nice. If you know me so well contact me on my facebookpage. There's no need to call names to people no matther what. Some guy that was testing my new map leaked it here before it was finished , even to that person i stayed nice.
  • Maverick74
    2018-10-16 21:24
    Sorry ereedks i think i didn't read very well. @ edit the previous post is ment for you..
  • Nightcop34
    2018-10-16 21:35
    Thank you to EVERYONE for your AWESOME Comments:) and Thank you Maverick74 for Clearing that up:):):) EDITED is a Complete DUMBASS.... He hides behind his Computer and Crybabies about Nothing!!!! WOW So Sad!
  • Noris1225
    2018-10-17 06:51
  • Marcello
    2018-10-18 21:22
    bonsoir NIGHTCOP34 j'ai trouvé la fabrique de charbon tres tres grande carte magnifique comme d'habitude les une plus belle que les autres bravo (avez vous pensé pour les autres animaux s'il vous plait merci ) je n'ai pas trouvé d'autre cartes plus belle que la votre c'est avec un grand plaisir que je joue sur cette carte felicitation pour votre beau travail et merci encore NIGHTCOP34
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