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FactoryFarm v1.0
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FactoryFarm v1.0

This is a Multifruit and Factories Production 4x map.
Additional field fruits
Oat , rye,spelt,triticale,millet
Onion, Hops, Lettuce, Red Cabbage, Carrot, Hemp, Cotton, Cabbage
Plum, Pear, Orange, Apple, Cherry, Coffee Beans

The factories are not working with pallet collectors so they can’t get bugged either, you will need a specially designed trailer to pick up the end products off all pallet based factory’s. 1 trailer made by BDBSSB is built in the map, you can find it in the shop to buy. Another one called producttrailer will be included in the zip file. No other trailer will be able to pick up the products.
I added a lot of new factory’s, also built in the factory pack from BDBSSB
There is a fertilizer and seeds factory’s with an updated model, you will be able to fill your seeders directly at the factory’s as well.
Needed mods in the zip file (included)
Holmer pack for root-crops
12m header  Sugar beets/Potatoes
12m header  Onion/Carrot
12m header Cabbage, Red-Cabbage & Lettuce
Producttrailer to load factory products
PallettrailerBD to load factory products built in the map file can be found with the tippers
Liquidtrailerpack, 1 trailer for all kind of liquids, will load fuel from in-game gas-stations, will load own produced fuel from the Texaco Factory or from the fuel storages, 1 trailer loads only fuel to be found in the misc category
All the mods needed are INCLUDED in the .zip file, Once Downloaded UNZIP
Hops and Hemp has to be cut with a maize header
I hope you all enjoy the MultiFruit Factory Farm map.
To support my work, it will be very well appreciated :):):)
For map  support and updates go to my FB Page

1: make sure you don't have another map in you Mod Folder
2: you do not need UPK or any other script for the map, all you need is built in the map.


Special Thank you to Maverick74 for all his Help!

  • Walli74
    2018-09-12 15:01
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    MavericksMultifruitMap in Modfolder? Why???
  • Marcello
    2018-09-12 16:53
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    bonjour il y a des maisons blanches a cote potato washer la carte est plus belle sans train et il manque des declencheurs pour les palettes sinon plus belle que la derniere carte j'ai plaisir a jouer sur vos cartes continué comme ca et bravo si je trouve d'autre defaut je vous le dirais car je joue beaucoup sur vos cartes celle ci est super merci de votre travail
  • Nightcop34
    2018-09-12 17:03
    0 0
    Oh Hell, I forgot to Remove that, I am fixing that now:)
  • Nightcop34
    2018-09-12 17:33
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    Hey Marcello, Just remove the MavericksMultifruitMap mod from the mods folder and the problem will be fixed, I am Uploading a Revised Mod Zip that does not have the MavericksMultifruitMap in it.. it till be FactoryFarmv1.02... Thanks to Walli74 for letting me know:):):)
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