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FactoryFarm v1.04
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FactoryFarm v1.04

This is a Multifruit and Factories Production 4x map.

Version 1.04
Repaired Textures for the Port & Shipping Buildings near Kraft
Replaced Board Textures
Cleared all errors from log

Additional field fruits
Oat , rye, spelt, triticale, millet
Onion, Hops, Lettuce, Red Cabbage, Carrot, Hemp, Cotton, Cabbage
Plum, Pear, Orange, Apple, Cherry, Coffee Beans
The factories are not working with pallet collectors so they can’t get bugged either, you will need a specially designed trailer to pick up the end products off all pallet based factory’s. 1 trailer made by BDBSSB is built in the map, you can find it in the shop to buy. Another one called producttrailer will be included in the zip file. No other trailer will be able to pick up the products.
I added a lot of new factory’s, also built in the factory pack from BDBSSB
There is a fertilizer and seeds factory’s with an updated model, you will be able to fill your seeders directly at the factory’s as well.
Needed mods in the zip file (included)
Holmer pack for root-crops
12m header  Sugar beets/Potatoes
12m header  Onion/Carrot
12m header Cabbage, Red-Cabbage & Lettuce
Producttrailer to load factory products
PallettrailerBD to load factory products built in the map file can be found with the tippers
Liquidtrailerpack , 1 trailer for all kind of liquids, will load fuel from in-game gas-stations, will load own produced fuel from the Texaco Factory or from the fuel storages, 1 trailer loads only fuel to be found in the misc category
All the mods are INCLUDED in the .zip file, Once Downloaded UNZIP
Hops and Hemp has to be cut with a maize header
I hope you all enjoy the MultiFruit Factory Farm map.

To support my work, it will be very appreciated :)

For map  support and updates go to my FB Page

1: make sure you don't have another map in you Mod Folder
2: you do not need UPK or any other script for the map, all you need is built in the map.


Special Thank you to Maverick74 for all his Guidance!

Repaired Textures for the Prot Building near Kraft

Replaced Board Textures

Cleared all errors from log

  • Marcello
    2018-09-13 10:04
    bonjour NIGHTCOP34 merci pour votre beau travail et votre belle carte c'est un plaisir encore merci et bravo
  • Defoden
    2018-09-13 10:51
    hello, I ask for help, I can not find Plum, Pear, Orange, Apple, Cherry ??? Someone could help me v p, thanks and good games
  • Defoden
    2018-09-13 10:53
    Hello, I forgot, where is the sugar factory ??? thanks for the help and good games!
  • Marcello
    2018-09-13 10:59
    bonjour NIGHTOP34 quand j'extrais les fichiers de factoryfarm-UNZIPME je trouves un fichier FS17_achs_dolly_modlandnet ce qui est normal et dans un autre fichier lizardbelt maveric K74 il y a le meme fichier FS17_achs_dolly_modlandnet que faire avec celui la et pourquoi merci de votre reponse
  • David
    2018-09-13 11:00
    only one question were do i get mustard from for the heinz factory.
  • Marcello
    2018-09-13 11:20
    bonjour DEFODEN pour les pommes poires ect ca se trouve a coté stationfarmsilo 2 a cote cartons pallet factory (fabrique de cartons) et le sucre se trouve a coté magasin KROGER il y a 3 fabriques morton salt veqetal oil et sugar(sucre) bon jeu a vous
  • Fred
    2018-09-13 11:23
    pas de trafic pas de piéton sur cette carte !
  • Raven2971
    2018-09-13 11:44
    DAVID the mustard is at the greenhouses new stuff has been added to it so it seems
  • Kleeblatt
    2018-09-13 12:08
    pourquoi les piétons, l’essentiel est l’agriculture. Merci pour la version MAP, bon travail
  • Digi
    2018-09-13 13:42
    an improved version of the maverick map?
  • Siegerflieger
    2018-09-13 14:15
    great Map great Job Thank You
  • Defoden
    2018-09-13 15:06
    merci beaucoup MARCELLO pour votre aide , super gentil , bonne journée et bon jeux !
  • David
    2018-09-13 16:13
    thanks RAVEN2971
  • Nightcop34
    2018-09-13 17:54
    Hey DEFODEN: The Orchards are Right behind the Donut Factory, The Sugar Factory is Across the Street from the Donut Factory over the Railroad Tracks:) Hope this helps Buddy:):)
  • Nightcop34
    2018-09-13 17:56
    FRED: yes there is Traffic around the Main Farm, The only Pedestrian is at the Heinz Factory
  • Nightcop34
    2018-09-13 17:57
    RAVEN2971: Yes I added Onions for the Campbells Factory (So you did not have to Grow it in the Field) and I added Mustard for the Heinz Factory:)
  • Nightcop34
    2018-09-13 17:58
    KLEEBLATT: Thank you buddy very much:):):)
  • Nightcop34
    2018-09-13 18:00
    MARCELLO: Hey Buddy, if there is 2 FS17_achs_dolly_modlandnet, I am so sorry, Its just a duplicate, I will remove it in the next Version:) Thank you so much for letting me know:):)
  • Nightcop34
    2018-09-13 18:01
    DIGI: Thank you so much:):):):)
  • Nightcop34
    2018-09-13 18:23
    RAVEN2971: I am downloading the MissouriRivers Map to take a look at it, I was thinking of adding a Cigar Factory with the Tobacco
  • Defoden
    2018-09-13 19:34
    Hello .Nightcop34 thank you for the help, super nice and I love your card, congratulations, good games!
  • Defoden
    2018-09-13 20:05
    Hello Nightcop34i have found everything, thanks for the help, you have made a beautiful card, and we have a lot of work to do lol, and animals in freedom, I love, like hihihi horses, thank you for sharing and congratulations to you, you are great, thank you again and good games to all!
  • Raven2971
    2018-09-13 20:06
    NIGHTCOP34 thanks that be great and it says at the bird seed that it takes coal
  • Raven2971
    2018-09-13 23:11
    NIGHTCOP34 the turkey and terkey meat thing on that map wouldent be a bad idea to add either
  • Blacky
    2018-09-14 01:11
    sorry my bad found it dah me dumb
  • Nightcop34
    2018-09-14 02:03
    RAVEN2971: Just to give you an update:):) I just finished adding Fruit type "Tobacco" to the Farm, I'm in the process of adding a Cigarette % Cigar Factories... No I'm not adding any Turkey:)
  • Nightcop34
    2018-09-14 02:04
    DEFODEN: your sooooo welcome buddy:) Thank you so much for the kind words:) That makes all the work worth it:)
  • Nightcop34
    2018-09-14 02:06
    RAVEN2971: You make Coal at the KingsFord Factory next to the Pallet Factory... It is palletized so you just load it on the Product Trailers and take it over :):)
  • Bobroy
    2018-09-14 05:36
    Good Map Mod u No Dam Right
  • Bobroy
    2018-09-14 05:50
    do not use mod direct seeding chopped straw addon V. your other seeder mods wont work
  • Deafgamer
    2018-09-14 06:23
    Looks like a rip off from Maverick's Farm. Shame!
  • Raven2971
    2018-09-14 07:59
    NIGHTCOP34 i was wondering if that would work thanks
  • Kleeblatt
    2018-09-14 10:50
    diese Vergleiche mit bestehenden MAP hinken. Alle MAP,s sind letztendlich nur ein Abklatsch von den beiden Ur-MAP, s
  • Marc
    2018-09-14 12:11
    Hello where is the potato washer. I must be blind or something because I have gone around everywhere looking for it and still not found it. Any Help would be greatfully recieved on that. And fantastic Map, Well done Modder
  • Nightcop34
    2018-09-14 17:01
    MARC: Its right beside Field 9:)
  • Faelandaea
    2018-09-14 23:14
    I was on the fence about reviewing this on my stream, but after seeing the mod author being helpful an active, i am definitely going to give this one a look today :)
  • Blacky
    2018-09-15 02:32
    awesome map nightcop34 keep up the good work
  • Kane
    2018-09-15 06:19
    Why am I unable to plant fields? I have all mods from Mav's map. But planters will not work.
  • Ebt farming
    2018-09-15 19:00
    we want te play mp bud i gives a bug with the fuelselltrigger in the log
  • Nightcop34
    2018-09-15 20:44
    DENESTALBERT: Hey Buddy, You have to Hold down the Key until it Completely Opens...Make sure you Park your Tractor back away from the Gate... Because if not.... when you Attempt to enter the Tractor it will start closing the Gate again:) Hope this helps:):):)
  • Nightcop34
    2018-09-15 20:45
    FAELANDAEA: Thank you Buddy... you are NOW on my Christmas Card List lol
  • Nightcop34
    2018-09-15 21:00
    KANE: I just tested the Seeders and there working fine for me... Is ANYONE ELSE having this Issue???? Please let me kow what seeder your using if your having this same Issue:)
  • Nightcop34
    2018-09-15 21:07
    EBT FARMING: I am not showing any errors on the fueltriggers.. Again is anyone else having this issue????
  • Bob


    2018-09-15 23:29
    @ NIGHTCOP34 You have a very good edit of Maverick74 map, but there is one thing i would like to see you change,that is the landscaping at the Product Storage location, as it hinders the approach to the input and output points when we use Course Play. The original had no landscaping between the input and output points, this way was better for Course Play use.Bob.
  • Ebt farming
    2018-09-16 00:03
    sorry not the fueltriggers bud the fuelselltriggers
  • Nightcop34
    2018-09-16 01:54
    EBT FARMING: so your saying the fuelselltriggers do not work?
  • Nightcop34
    2018-09-16 02:07
    BOB: Hey Buddy, I don't understand what the issue is... When I tested the Logistics Center it worked perfectly fine getting in & out... So what issue are you having??? Let me see if I can Correct it with more detail from you:):):)
  • Name
    2018-09-16 02:40
    @ NIGHTCOP34. ....... Hi the problem we have in getting a dump at the logistics is that we need 5 or 10 feet straight in and out to do a good run at the pad. like i said above the original Logistics Center had no Decoration in front of the complex, this allowed us to come in from the side, do the Dump, then carry on down the front of the complex , then turn out to return to location to get more product. Email me , i will send a picture [email protected]
  • Willy
    2018-09-16 20:04
    impossible d'utiliser les grue pour lever les tronc d'arbres , les grue reste planter au sol; merci de régler ce problème et cela est sur toute les grues le grappins est au sol
  • Noris1225
    2018-09-17 15:34
    Witajcie rolnicy, jeden z graczy zrobił bardzo fajny przewodnik dla wieloosobowej mapy mavericks. Podzielę się tym tutaj z tobą. Bardzo dziękuję Bruce'owi Smithowi za miły przewodnik. https://www.dropbox.com/s/.../mmQuickStart-MaverickVersion.pd ..
  • Nightcop34
    2018-09-17 17:39
    WILLY: Hey Buddy, I will repair that before I upload the New V1.1, I should be done with this version sometime this week:)
  • Waterboy
    2018-09-19 22:55
    NIGHTCOP34 can you add the water trough addon with the next upgrade? Thank you
  • Bobroy minnesota  ya !
    2018-09-20 05:29
    Would anyone outhere think about doing a new Hagensted Not the standerd one not the exstrem but big square fields and maybe a flatland Thankyou if you do If not I understand
  • Nightcop34
    2018-09-20 19:54
    WATERBOY: what water Trough Buddy?
  • David
    2018-09-21 09:29
    NIGHTCOP34....waterboy is talking about the water trough add on by GE you can get it from modhub its a great feature to have in game.looking so foward to the updated version you been working on.love you map its awesome
  • Marcello
    2018-09-21 19:23
    bonjour NIGHTCOP34 pourriez vous faire la meme carte mais sans train et peut etre si vous le pouvez rajouter des laveuses de carottes de oignons de betteraves ce serait bien sinon tres belle carte je joue avec plaisir merci
  • Jj


    2018-09-22 18:09
    hi which animal trailer do i use to deliver animal to butcher as i have tried all the ingame ones and they dont work ??????
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