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Famulus Famulus RS14 / 36W v3.2
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Famulus Famulus RS14 / 36W v3.2

This is the Famulus RS14 / 36W with a water-cooled two-cylinder engine. The engine delivered a power output of 36PS at a rated speed of 1600 rev / min.

Version 3.2
- Front loader installed via configuration
- Shovel and fork with color selection
- Texture of wheel weights improved
- Reconstruction of steering rod animation
- Vehicle xml and modDesc miscalculated
- Hood can be used at the moment. Not open

The top speed was 28 km / h. This tractor was built (first 30 PS - Version) 1956-1967 in the VEB tractor Nordhausen plant in the former GDR.

File must not be unpacked.
In the shop there are 4 versions available
-Green / Red, neuwerig
-green / red, like new without cab
-Red / yellow, Used vehicle
-Red / yellow, used vehicle without cab

Functions in the game:
animated -Lenkgestänge
-Motorhaube Can Vedas open
-Pendelachse forward
animated -Lüfterrad
-Zugmaul And drawbar hide when they interfere.

Have fun wishes you

My log is clean !!
I recommend to install the mod "LS17_enginebrake.zip".

Visit my HP myftp.myftp.org .

Please do not mess around it and re-upload. I would like to do it yourself. Your dirty to me that only the fun of modding. :-)

So please note:
It is forbidden to upload my mods new, not even in a different form! Please use the original download links!
It is forbidden to upload my mods again, even in altered form at! Please use the original download links!

Modell: frog
Textur: frog
Idee / Konzept: frog
Tester: frog

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