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Farmall 560 v1
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Farmall 560 v1

This farmall was made by internationial harvester from the late 50s til the mid 60s. it is a good tractor with top speed of 26 mph and only has a one. the back tires change thier orentsation when in agme but don't cause any problems . this is my first fs 17 mod i hope you enjoy

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  • Gubmentcheese
    2016-12-19 06:28
    I see a new xml was used for this mod. Thanks for bringing this mod to 17. The tire issue is an easy fix. Just turn it around in G.E. and readjust the rim accordingly. The lights for some reason do not work. I also fixed the horsepower on mine to the proper 61hp. If you used the skin from FS15 then credit for that should go to Jughaid. He was the original creator of this from FS13. Good mod overall just needs some minor tweeks.
  • Zzzzz
    2017-02-11 01:40
    nice little 560 only thing i noticed wrong with it is the right rear wheel is on backwards so the wheel weight is on the inside not the outside.
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