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Farming in the Rocks v1.0
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Farming in the Rocks v1.0

This is my first map and first time using Giants Editor ... would like to get some reviews....hope you like it ...thanks
1 Farm
Sheeps, cows, pigs, chickens

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Giants Editor

  • Terry
    2017-01-07 13:46
    hey guest do me a favor and see if u can find a john deere combine header for 17 plz
  • Roby1164
    2017-01-07 14:43
    Too many mistakes, the doors do not open ....These are just a few lines of an error, all too many, exceed 500 characters supported the forum. >continue
  • Roby1164
    2017-01-07 14:45
    dataS/scripts/utils/Utils.lua (65) : checkChildIndex dataS/scripts/animals/AnimalHusbandry.lua (74) : indexToObject dataS/scripts/animals/AnimalHusbandry.lua (26) : loadIndex: 0>0|0Error: invalid navMeshIndex in cowsfarmError: Running LUA method 'AnimalHusbandry.onCreate'.dataS/scripts/animals/AnimalHusbandry.lua(348) : bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)Error: Failed to open xml file 'E:/MyGames/FarmingSimulator17/mods/FarmingInTheRo
  • Roby1164
    2017-01-07 14:46
    Error: index 'doorRight' not found in AnimatedObject xml 'E:/MyGames/FarmingSimulator17/mods/FarmingInTheRocks_LS17/maps/animatedObjects.xml'!Error: Running LUA method 'AnimatedObject.onCreate'.dataS/scripts/objects/AnimatedObject.lua(280) : attempt to index field 'controls' (a nil value)Error: Failed to open xml file 'E:/MyGames/FarmingSimulator17/mods/FarmingInTheRocks_LS17/maps/animatedObjects.xml'.
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