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Farming Simulator 17 Coming!
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Farming Simulator 17 Coming!

Big news! @GIANTSSoftware and @FocusHome announce Farming Simulator 17 on consoles and #PC at the end of 2016!


  • Kocurekpl
    2016-02-28 15:22
    Interesting how much we will have to wait ...
  • Brads331
    2016-03-05 15:24
  • Farmboy002
    2016-03-05 18:28
    Here is your chance Modhub To make more category's so we can find what we are looking for a little quicker....
  • Jimmy
    2016-03-11 03:41
    is this for really because I was on the official farm sim mod hub and there is nothing on it at all about this
  • Fs15player
    2016-03-25 01:52
  • Cam


    2016-04-07 22:06
    end of 2016
  • Bullshit
    2016-04-22 23:29
    what a bunch of bullshit. another game to waste money on for the community to tear itself apart even further. think i'll call it quits and stick with 15 or move to cattle and crops. forget the bullshit. as long as joe lindberg and his brown noseing hoes stick around this game is doomed. think i'll take my game where the shit don't stink. he really does get off on the hatred from others. makes his head SWELL. someone should do him a favor and put him out of his misery.
  • Daniy
    2016-05-17 03:29
    Moi je pense que je ne ver plut l'achetez ces pas un simple massey Fergusson qui fait un jeu de simu car ci il n'y avait pas les créateur de mode ce jeu serait mort depuis 2011 et 13car ce jeu bug toujours autant que le 2013 et les terrain il n'y a aucun changement virtuel
  • ???


    2016-07-02 05:39
    does anyone know if mods for fs15 will keep going?
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