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Farming Valley v2.1
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Farming Valley v2.1

Hir I would like you my Farming Valley

Version 2.1
There were silos in the cowweed silo and a at field 4 da silage dryGrass windrow straw forage grass_windrow chaff and I have changed the field ways

This is a goldcrestValley rebuilt
Was installed
High Silo
Loads shelf
Wood chopper
Feed mixers

I thank all modders for their objects I have installed. Should I have overlooked someone, or someone recognize his object and
Version 1.1
Some bug fixes have been fixed
And silos and new ones
Stard vehicles

Thanks to all who told me
What kind of errors in the map are the animal
Sinbolle are now where the animals are.


  • Roby1164
    2017-03-30 23:33
    Map stolen from Stevie job
  • Dutch farmers inc.
    2017-03-31 01:29
    Next time try to make your own map! You stole this from one off the best mappers in the community and now he's leaving the community because off you. Shame on you!
  • Mj farmer
    2017-03-31 02:15
    Please stop guys. I am not a modder, but I appreciate the talent that some of you have and I agree there is no reason to take or take credit for something someone elses work. But when you get down to it we don't really own anything , if I could mod, anything I made would be out for everyone. I just hate to see all this fighting over a game, its really just sad. But thanks to all you modders out there, my son and I really enjoy and admire your work.
  • Dave
    2017-03-31 02:28
    i think this is giving the farming simulator game a bad name where certain people steal other peoples work that they have put the time in to do,its a shame that steve will not be contining in the modding world and will be sadly missed...some of the blame has to go to the owners of the mod sites that allow this to happen ,it should be if you are caught uploading others work you should be banned..
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