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FarmingTablet - App: StorageOverview v1.2.0.1
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FarmingTablet - App: StorageOverview v1.2.0.1

##- App for FarmingTablet -##

1. Fixed random error when saving game.

This App works only in combination with FarmingTablet.

App functions:
- Lists all silos (Farm Silo, Storage at Trains, Placeable Hay Lofts)
- If mouse pointer is held over a fruit type, the best sale location and total value is displayed.
A single click with your right mouse button will 'target' this sell point.

- At the bottom of the screen the total silo value is displayed.
- If more than 6 Fruit Types are available in the silo then you can scroll through the list by using your mouse wheel or the tablet 'up / down' arrows.

Value/Purchase Price: 3.000€

Change Log:

1. Brand new design and look.
2. Best sell location and total sell price now shown.
3. Option to target sell location.
4. Ability to scroll through fill list.
5. Placeable 'Hay Loft' Support.

kevink98, GtX, Eribus (LS-MODCOMPANY)

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