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[FBM Team] Klingenbach v1.4.0.1 HotFix
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[FBM Team] Klingenbach v1.4.0.1 HotFix

Changelog V1.4.1
*) Triggers of the two farm silosystems fixed
*) Extra version for Seasons players with hay instead of grass
There is no need to start a new game.

V 1.4.0
* Ground under the mountain hall at the court straightened (thanks to Oimel, reported that the shoveling did not work properly there)
* Field 5,16 u. 20 bumps eliminated
* Bakery - 2 more Schüttgoschen installed to unload all fruit individually (problem with the triggers)
* Bakery - roofing of Schüttgoschen and pallet dispensing
* Bakery - 3 additional pallet spawn points created at the bread issue
* PDA overview again standard (sales points are displayed normally again)
* Zuckerfabrik Palettenspawner fixed
* Meat production garbage bags removed on pallet spreader (did not produce)
* Tipcollis installed in the yard and at the sawmill in the halls
* Fixed pallet spurs on the sheep
* old shed at the yard, adapted terrain and installed TipColli
* StopMilkSale-Script removes there unnecessarily ---> an entry in the UserAttributes is enough to stop the milk sales
* Trees and shrubs between fields removed (F13 & F14, F3, F4, F5)
* created own collisions for the shelters at the yard and at the BGA (Hall throws errors in the log when Ridge Body is created)
* Collis set in the fences everywhere on the map
* Fixed barriers at the entrances (partially moved when saving the map)
* Sewage plant liquid fertilizer production screwed back and compost slightly increased
* Palettenspawner of all productions realigned (finished pallets are always gespawnt front for better removal)
* Fence moved in residential building in the old town (street was very narrow there in the curve)
* Floor under the cowshed straightened (the shoveling in the dirt area worked only conditionally)
* SnowMask for Seasons adjusted again
* Wooden pallets sale price increased
* Eggs spawn points fixed (too far back and hard to reach)
* Milk filling trigger fixed in the cows (tube was not exactly at the port
* !NEW! Dealer space enlarged to the rear, large vehicles and equipment are spawned behind
* !NEW! Position of the plants refined (wheat, barley, rape, ....) are more in rank and file
* !NEW! Maistextur exchanged and plants also realigned
* !NEW! Field paths at the entrance to the farm from field 1 & 2 and removed replaced by asphalted roads (better solution in the long term, I think)
* !NEW! Farm silo system installed in the large hall at the farm (storage for all crops, plus lime, compost and pig feed)
* !NEW! Grain storage hall at the yard removed and Durchfahrhalle installed with adjoining feed mixing hall
* !NEW! Libra moved backwards and replaced with the visually beautiful model
* !NEW! Traunsteinersilos removed and replaced with 1 outdoor silo
* !NEW! Shed replaced at the yard opposite the hall for another model
* !NEW! Own feed mixing hall with the heap system created by Giants (gabs so never in this way on a map)
* !NEW! Straw, grass and silage can be bought at the land trade (description on sign has been adjusted)

1. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I did not succeed in adapting the compound food hall for the Seasons Mod,
because I have not found any suitable fillplanes for the hall that look good ...
As an interim solution, I have made grass, straw and silage purchasable as a bulk material at the land trade,
So the Seasons players can start a savegame because of the changes
do not require a new savegame later;)

2. Unfortunately, I have not received an answer because of the server error, so this was not fixed ...
I'll look back there again.

Giants Software GmbH
Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de
Map by: skydiver2103 [FBM Team]

  • Sebdugers
    2018-02-20 15:14
    je voudrait dire un grand merci a tout ce qui on fait cette map car franchement set le top, je suis pas du tout mappeur mais j'imagine le travail effectuer pour avoir ce resultat,continuer comme sa vous nous régaler.
  • Domenico
    2018-02-20 17:01
    Straw Harvest compatible?
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