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FBM17 Steyr CVT 6 Series v2.0
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FBM17 Steyr CVT 6 Series v2.0

new DH connections (Psykobaecker)
light Indicators (THFalcon)
new driveDirection textures
lightBeams only visible at night between 21-6 o'clock
new version of the IC
motorStart via IC
icSound when pressing the knobs (wiper & motorStart)
ic buttons minimized
Cool sound added
Smoke Partickel Effect renewed / replaced
Engine block vibration replaced / refined
Blitzer installed and selectable required Light Addon
Tires added with weight
a new design, FBM Edition

New IC control for left door, rear window, roof disk
Left door from the outside now open with IC
Sound for doors and windows
Indoor sound
monitor Load
DynamicHoseRef front / rear
speed joystick
interior lighting
Permanently active mirrors
Animated windscreen wipers via IC
Motor grill transparent
Animated fan in the engine block
engine vibration
Motorsound updated
8 designs
7 rim colors
Own schemes installed
Front loader selectable

Tire choice:
Trelleborg, Nokian, Mitas pneutrac and nursing maturation

3 motors to choose from:
150 - 165 and 175 hp
Price: 120,000 euros
Daily cost: 160 euros

Giants Software GmbH Originalmod: CebuljCek Edit Ls17: The Tester FBM

  • Sean
    2017-10-16 21:12
    It would be nice if we are able to custom the back license plate .
  • Silviu1993
    2017-10-16 21:32
    mod review here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9u6Zb-o8BZY
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