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FDR Logging - V10 Map Pack
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FDR Logging - V10 Map Pack

FDR Logging - V10 Map Pack for Farming simulator 2017

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Giants Rules and Regulations forbid modders from charging money for mods, I personally have seen dozens of people on Patreon getting money for private farming simulator modding so im assuming Giants are not pursuing this rule actively but that doesn't make it ok its still breaking the rules.
​So to counter this, Everything 3 months I will be releasing a Public Mod Pack for FDR Logging via Youtube, this will allow me to still collect donations from supporters for more models and continued projects while also releasing the mods publicly in the future and not technically breaking the rules and guidelines of Giants.

What Is FDR Logging?
I'm a huge fan of logging, When the game Farming Simulator started introducing logging into its game I was very excited and decided to learn to mod and add my own stuff. I have spent thousands of hours editing and modding to make the best possible logging equipment and maps for this game.

FDR Logging

  • Not breaking rules
    2018-02-08 19:52
    FDR logging in my eyes i dont think ye breaking rules your not charging and donate is not a charge and thats law you give the person a choice to donate but still allow them to download. pitty ye dont do other maps cause ye logging maps are top and if ye did i would glady donate to ye project. but dont give up the good wok my mate. pluse the mods on here a better than the ones to buy fact
  • Mika
    2018-02-08 20:45
    bien mes toujours pas de consommation correcte avec le gearbox addon
  • ?


    2018-02-08 21:14
    ou son les mods?
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