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FDR Logging - V12 Machine Pack
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FDR Logging - V12 Machine Pack

1. Machine Buncher Varcolac
2. Machine Buncher Wolverine
3. Machine Chipper Chimera
4. Machine Grinder ChimeraST
5. Machine Loader Btop Ladon
5. Machine Loader Chip Amarok
6. Machine Loader Fixed SaberTooth
7. Machine Loader Fixed Wyvern
8. Machine Loader Riser Peluda
9. Machine Loader Yarder Guivre
10. Machine Processor Delimber Hydra
11. Machine Processor Fixed Hyde
12. Machine SkidderLine Banshee
13. Machine SkidderLine Talos
14. Trailer Log Roc
15. Trailer Low Caladrius
16. Truck Dump Pegasus
17. Truck Fuel Titan
18. Truck Hauler Valkyrie
19. XMISC Chainsaw

FDR Logging

  • Jipé
    2018-04-20 11:24
    bonjourpack trés intéressant, mais les engins chenillés n'avancent pas, le reste des fonctions est correct, quel est le problème? merci de me répondre
  • Vanek1105
    2018-04-20 11:34
    Disable Mod FuelUsageDisplay
  • Jipé
    2018-04-20 15:24
    merci, ça roule
  • Devondrivers
    2018-04-21 01:01
    Wow these have changed i use to hate this shit but i gave it a shot and im amazed great work its not all giant ugly anymore
  • James
    2018-04-21 07:32
    the delimber freakin rocks !!
  • Kevy
    2018-04-21 21:32
  • Trent
    2018-04-21 23:34
    you may need to fix the fuel usage on the machines, when you start them they just use it all up where you cant drive them.
  • Carvywoo
    2018-04-23 03:18
    Trent they don' work with the fuel mod you need to disable it for them to work but they work great its worth trying
  • Just awesome
    2018-04-23 10:57
    I have been having a blast logging, ever since I got this pack. Easy to use, and make quick work of any size work area. Definitely worth the download.
  • Caleb
    2018-06-11 02:23
    FDR I need help setting this up- I have 1 joystick and a steering wheel-the setup from the previous farming sim. I checked your video on how to set up the controls-but I still can't get it to work. Hope you can explain it. Thanks, Caleb.
  • Waffle
    2018-06-27 06:06
    @caleb You won't get help from FDR here. the uploader of this pack uploaded it without permission. FDR no longer releases to the public beacuse of people like this
  • @waffle
    2018-07-13 20:29
    Waffle thats not true i used to be a patreon of his and he sent out an email that Giants has contacted him and they no longer allow private mods to be paid for by patreons so he decided to release to public now. He still has a patreon site but its only for donations for future mods.
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