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Hello this is the 1000 Vario séries(1038,1042,1046,1050) and Fendt weight 3300kg weight wheel rear,twin wheel front rear,twin wheel rear,reverse driving and more 3d and texture are news for FS17.Good play and tell me if you have a bug.Steph33
Version V1.1 ready patch 1.3
Fixed bug(textures and more....)
Corrected indoor camera


  • Faelandaea
    2016-11-13 21:46
    I was excited when i read in 1.1 that the camera was fixed, but i guess that meant some other issue because 1.1 is still not compatible with head tracking. Camera still faces backwards in the tractor. :(I understand you do not use head tracking (such as Track IR), so if you are willing to perhaps make the tractor compatible for folks that do use head tracking, and want someone to help you test it, let me know and I will happily be a test-bed for the camera system.
  • Bauermeck
    2016-11-13 22:35
    Wäre schön wenn du noch das Tagfahrlicht einführen würdest. Bist jetzt leuchtet es nur mit wenn man das komplette licht einsschaltet
  • Lexou09
    2016-11-13 23:25
    Plus aucun problème pour ma part, super boulot, tu gères!
  • Manu99
    2016-11-14 00:48
    Very good mod! But I have a few things which could be better:The wheelweight is not realy like the originalThe Radiator grille has a bit too much shineAnd it would be very cool if you could get the lizenzplate like working and if you could fould out the two warning signs with the lamps.A cabsuspension would also be niceAnd i have seen at a mod that the tires are compressed at the point where it touches the ground, would be very cool.And maybe a Motorstart Soun
  • Manu99
    2016-11-14 00:51
    But however i would say that it's the best 1000 vario for FS17 and you are making a good Job and go on like this! Greetings from Austria !
  • Brucie21
    2016-11-14 02:46
    Hi auf dem dedi server gibt es 2 Warnings :Space character not recommended in filename: 'tex1050s/nouveau fendtchassi.dds'Space character not recommended in filename: 'tex1050s/nouveau fendtchassi_normal.dds' Danke fürs beheben.
  • Faelandaea
    2016-11-14 13:35
    Okay scratch my other comment. I managed to get the camera in this baby to work with head tracking. https://youtu.be/9OBVKlzZzNo :)VERY nice mod, Steph33. Thank you so much for this beast.
  • Blade727
    2016-11-14 18:42
    Wäre schön wenn du noch mehr farbwahl einbauen könntes und den glanz etwas weniger machen denn kommt er viel besser rüber. Ansonsten super mod mach weiter so.
  • Grisu
    2016-11-16 00:45
    Front- und Heckhydraulik sollten weiter ausheben...Kugelkopf zu niedrig etwas höher setzen da diverse Anhänger am boden schleifen. Bremsverhalten anpassen passt nicht...
  • Rene
    2017-05-09 21:24
    Hi Can you afford and write the name of the texture and if you can Where do I find it?
  • Rene
    2017-05-09 21:29
    Can you be allowed to write his name on his farm?
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