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Fendt 1000 Vario Series - DH v3 Final Full
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Fendt 1000 Vario Series - DH v3 Final Full

Fendt Vario 1038/1042/1046/1050

Changes in V3 Final Full:
Black Beauty Version
Texture Changes
New Grill Configurations (Available Real Aplha Grill)
New Michelin XL Tires Configuartion
New Trelleborg Tires Texture
Fixed IC Script (Function Descriptions)
Fixed Windows texture * Fixed Lights
Added Idnoor Sounds * Hydraulic Animation changes
New Dynamic Exhaust System
Corrected attachers (Front/Rear)
Added Front Dynamic Hose and back fixed Mod

Michelin Tire Configuration (also with weights)
Dual Tires Configuration
Trelleborg tire configuration
Interactive Control
New IC Buttons Design
Folding steering column
Door and back window animation
You can open door also from outside (R)
Cylinder animation to back window
Foldable Fronthydraulik (IC)
Openable Bonnet (IC)
Variotronic Screen On/Off (IC)
Control Panel computers (Amazone, Krone, Poettinger, Horsch)
Warning signs on IC
Foldable Warning signs
RDA in wheels on IC
Left and right fender on IC
Work position for Beaconlights (IC)
Engine fan animation
Design Configuration with White Grill
Fixed Steering Radius
Dynamic Hose
One engine on chip, up to 600hp!
Full Lights
Animated Fronthydraulic
Dynamic Exhaust
Beifahrer/Passenger Script
Better optimization in the game
Clean log, no log errors!
In pack also 2 Fendt Weights (Look photo!)
Other visual changes and much more.

T0bi69, TechMod

  • Szer
    2018-02-06 19:15
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    Defaults au niveau (relevage de capot avant touche x à banir).Defaults au niveau (conduite poste inverser) le player est mal positioné.Defaults (3d trop lourd 139mo) arfmise appart sa, tres beau travail de fait dessus mais encore quelque petit travaux à revoir pour qu'il soit parfait!en tout les cas merci pour le partage ;)
  • Silviu1993
    2018-02-08 16:33
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    mod video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyODJSrW9IE
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