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FENDT 820 VARIO SoundUpdate v1.0
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FENDT 820 VARIO SoundUpdate v1.0

Good Morning
on request I have a sound update for the Fendt Vario 820 cut together I hope you like it and you have fun with it
It is allowed to install the sounds in mods and upload them.


  • Sick_of_stupidity
    2018-02-09 01:15
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    Hey @@shole, how about telling us which mod this is for? You do know that there are more then one Vario 820 mods right?
  • Lol


    2018-02-09 10:26
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    This is for any mod, put it on a truck it'll work
  • Sick_of_lol
    2018-02-10 04:12
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    Hey LOL, you're as stupid and ignorant as the idiot that posted this crap. How about shoving the sounds up your @ss and see if they work there too?
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