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FENDT 900 Series MoreReality v1.2
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FENDT 900 Series MoreReality v1.2

The Fendt 900 Vario has been the leader on the tractor market for large-scale farms and contracting businesses since 1995. With a maximum output of 390 hp, the new 900 Vario can now do more and does it a lot easier, thanks to intelligent technology. Benefit from the leading high-horsepower tractor and invest in the new Fendt 900 Vario.

Version 1.2
- IC bug fix (MP)
- add screen in display
- screen bug fix
- hole in rear part fix

927 Vario     270 hp     199 kW
930 Vario     300 hp     221 kW
933 Vario     330 hp     243 kW
936 Vario     360 hp     265 kW
939 Vario     390 hp     287 kW

- color variant (body)
- color variant (rim)
- tire custom - standard
- standard with weight
- wide
- wide with weight
- rear dual
- all dual
- crawler (track)
 - design custom - black or chrome front grill
 - interier indicators (turn light, work lights, lights, fuel..)
 - lights in night with standart lights
 - work lights only push NUM 5/6
 - interactive control (door, rear and top windows, steering wheel..)
 - all real engine (add 927, 933)
 - reverse driving - out cam rotate 180°

Model: Smety, Giants
Textures: Smety, Giants
In game: Smety
Special Thanks: 50KEDA

Test: Smety, Cigareta354,  Angelus, J. Vanek, Pavlas..
SPECIAL THANKS: Giants software

Version 1.2
ic bug (mp)
hole in rear part
new screen (vario tronic)
screen bug fix

Version 1.0
add wheel customization
interior light, indicators
interactive control
color variant
design variant

web: www.zdbudiskovice.nolimit.cz
facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/154443187931335/

That mod is only available on Modhoster.de and on the official website of CMT (Czech Mod Team)
All modifications are prohibited!
Changing the download link is forbidden!
All copyrights are owned by CMT (Czech Mod Team)

Modell: Giants, Smety
Textur: Giants, Smety
Script: --
Idee / Konzept:
Tester: Smety, J. Vanek, Pavlas
Special Thanks: 50KEDA

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