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Fendt 900 Series Pack v4.0.1.0 Hotfix
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Fendt 900 Series Pack v4.0.1.0 Hotfix

This is the games default Fendt 900. I have made a number of changes.

Version Hotfix Uploaded @ 22:11 EST DEC 29, 2017
Corrected texture path.

Version Features:
Selectable color.
Selectable rim color.
Selectable extras (more coming).
Narrow twin tire set.
Panel and dash board lighting.
Fix dash panel lighting. Lighting now displayed as it should be.
Side warning bars with signals.
Fendt weight pack with logo.
Increased worklight range.
Selectable warning triangle.
Two versions of mod included. One is MR compatable (MR mod required).

Change log V4.0.1.0:
Changed warning panels for warning bars with signals.
Added MR version of mod.
Increased work light range.
Added a single warning triangle on the back (selectable).
Replaced the Xenon version with MR version to make download smaller.

Model: Giants Software
Editing: McKnight
Fendt Weight: JD7530-Chris
Hardi Fresh Water Tank: Realistic Farmers
Warning Trangles: Realistic Farmers

  • Not a hotfix
    2017-12-30 21:11
    Google the term hotfix and then stop calling complete releases "hotfix". This is an "increment", to version
  • Silviu1993
    2017-12-30 22:07
    mod video here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrBpKSl9Llg
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