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Fendt 900 Vario TMS v1.0.1
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Fendt 900 Vario TMS v1.0.1

Today is the time, we put our Fendt 900 Vario TMS for the LS17 to download. This pack includes all tractors of the 3rd generation of the 900 series from Fendt from Marktoberdorf (916-930).
A few data about the tractor:
Manufacturer: Fendt
Power: 160-300 hp
Price in basic building: 210,000 €
Maintenance per day: 320 €

All standard features of the LS17
Interactive Controle (windows, doors, steering column, etc.)
Various components can be removed (fenders, round lights, warning signs, etc.)
6 different tire configurations
5 different engine configurations
Tractor color freely selectable
Wheel color freely selectable
The tractor is error-free in the game log.
Model: Mo6r, Freak2009, PowerBull, Surrealcrash
Texture: Favorit510 ™
Ingaming: Favorit510 ™

Modell: Mo6r, Freak2009, PowerBull, Surrealcrash
Textur: Favorit510™
Script: Favorit510™

  • Matt
    2016-12-26 02:55
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    I really like this mod. I think that it is proof that you are a good modder and programmer. So, I know this seams strange, but I would like to request a mod be made. The tractor would be an International Harvester 1086. If you consider this thank you, but if not thanks for looking at this comment!
  • Andre
    2016-12-26 11:35
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    welke map is dat
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