Farming simulator 2019 mods
Fendt 936 Vario v1.1.1.1
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Fendt 936 Vario v1.1.1.1

Fendt 936 Vario Pack

More scripts, and all bugs fixed

2 Fendt 936 Vario (Standard and Black Beauty)
2 Weights
Basic script from Farming Simulator 17, 4 tipe of wheels

Model: surrealcrash
Texture: surrealcrash & Jukka
Script: Jukka
Idea / Concept: Jukka
Testing: Balkasnka Dolina
Other: /

  • Faelandaea
    2016-12-24 02:04
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    It looks nice, but anything that says Jukka on it will never work with Track IR, so going to have to pass. Visually, though, I can say these models are outstanding from my experiences with them n FS15.
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