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Fendt Favorit 800 v3 Final
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Fendt Favorit 800 v3 Final

Generally most of changes are for optymalization but you will find some new features
Changes list:
– Texture changes for every color and gloss adjustment.
– Changes of color and gloss on chromed elements. Including rear fenders and front axle.
– Changed front fenders. Better for optymalization.
– Replaced Interactive control script for better version. Now your settings after savegame will be the same. Also better for optymalization.
– Removed unnecessary model elements from i3d. Better for optymalization.
– Completely redesigned the wheel configuration. New wheels and other rims.
– Added Cylinders animation in front and rear window.
– New Frontloader Console
– Fixed mirrors.
– Corrected wheels pressure system.
– Corrected sounds volume.
– The model is redone and dirt works around the whole model
– New specular texture guarantees better gloss instead of cube
– New center mass and weight so it runs better
– New Interactive Control (IC) buttons
– Added new warnings and also Foldable (IC)
– RDA in wheels (IC)
– Fixed fenders on IC buttons
– Added foldable steering column (IC)
– Unfolding Beaconlights (IC)
– New attacher weights configurations
– Stickers no longer flash
– Added 2 Green texture options (Normal and Special)
– Corrected Lights, back low attacher, wheels and windows rotation
– Now the mod should work on a dedicated server!

TheModdingCollaboration, Gazor

  • Laurent2
    2017-07-10 17:55
    Beau tracteur ,mas je trouve la texture ext trops foncé pour ma part,a revoir
  • Silviu1993
    2017-07-11 20:04
    MOD VIDEO HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrFfDElpCTE
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