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Fendt/Lely Tigo XR 65 v2.0
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Fendt/Lely Tigo XR 65 v2.0

-- FENDT/ Lely Tigo 65 XR --

Changelog V2.0.0.0:
- FENDT Modell added, AttacherHeight fixed, AO Backdoor fixed, Dynamic Hoses new (don't collide with PTO), further improvements of textures

The Tigo loader wagon was built by Lely until last year. The AGCO Group (FENDT) has now taken over the grassland technology from Lely.
With this pack you get the smallest loaderwagon of the XR series in two different variants: once the old one from Lely and the new one from FENDT.

- Capacity: 36000 Liters
- Basic price: 70500$ (FENDT: +1500, Dosing Unit: +2000)
- Upkeep: 65$/Day (FENDT: -7)
- Dynamic Hoses (completely new)
- Dosing unit can be dismantled per config
- You can choose between standardtires (710/45R22.5) or optional, bigger tires (710/50R26.5) like in reallife.


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    mod video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02c7wqKakN0
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