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FermentingSilo FS17 placeable v1.2
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FermentingSilo FS17 placeable v1.2

Fermenter 5000 - (Fermenting Silo) - Placeable  V1.2
The Fermenter 5000 is an all in one Fermenting Silo.
This Fermenting Silo outputs 20000 Litres of Silage per hour with a capacity of 500000 Litres.
Digestate is also produced as a by-product with storage for 200000 Litres.
Grass / Dry Grass / Chaff  =  500000 Litres
Silage  =  500000 Litres
Digestate  =  200000 Litres
500000 Litres of input product will produce 500000 Silage and 110000 Litres of Digestate.        http://www.gtxmods.com/

GTX Mods Special thanks: Marhu and kevink98 for the Fabrik Script.
Special thanks: Farmer Andy (Door Trigger)

Credits for Bollards: Added to Vesion 1.2
Model: Andrey
Texture: Andrey

  • Ben


    2017-01-26 01:02
  • Aaron
    2017-01-26 01:40
    whats changed from the previous version? I used the previous version on most of my maps as I dont like the silage clamps and i get double digestate when selling at the BGA.
  • Gtx mods
    2017-01-26 01:57
    Hi AARON,All supported updates are listed at our website and on Modhoster.www.gtxmods.comOur last update was a stability fix for Fabrik Script triggers and some cosmetic works.
  • Mr d
    2017-01-26 13:23
    This is a very nice mod, a great addition to any map. Works great and looks good to;thank you
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