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FermentingSilo FS17 placeable v1.2
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FermentingSilo FS17 placeable v1.2

Fermenter 5000 - (Fermenting Silo) - Placeable  V1.2
The Fermenter 5000 is an all in one Fermenting Silo.
This Fermenting Silo outputs 20000 Litres of Silage per hour with a capacity of 500000 Litres.
Digestate is also produced as a by-product with storage for 200000 Litres.
Grass / Dry Grass / Chaff  =  500000 Litres
Silage  =  500000 Litres
Digestate  =  200000 Litres
500000 Litres of input product will produce 500000 Silage and 110000 Litres of Digestate.        http://www.gtxmods.com/

GTX Mods Special thanks: Marhu and kevink98 for the Fabrik Script.
Special thanks: Farmer Andy (Door Trigger)

Credits for Bollards: Added to Vesion 1.2
Model: Andrey
Texture: Andrey

  • Ben


    2017-01-26 01:02
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  • Aaron
    2017-01-26 01:40
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    whats changed from the previous version? I used the previous version on most of my maps as I dont like the silage clamps and i get double digestate when selling at the BGA.
  • Gtx mods
    2017-01-26 01:57
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    Hi AARON,All supported updates are listed at our website and on Modhoster.www.gtxmods.comOur last update was a stability fix for Fabrik Script triggers and some cosmetic works.
  • Mr d
    2017-01-26 13:23
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    This is a very nice mod, a great addition to any map. Works great and looks good to;thank you
  • L cc
    2017-04-29 19:44
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    V1.4 tip trigger works for dumping grass. Also works well for loading silage but the 3rd trigger for digestate only works with the game and not latest courseplay or any of the last dozen versions.
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