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Fiat Ducato v1.0
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Fiat Ducato v1.0

Hello dear LS17 player!
I have created here the Fiat Ducat as Mod.
What has been done?
Spot reduction
Various tuning options (further be seen from the pictures)
high beam
fog light
Rear fog light
Light !!! addon is needed for the strobe lights, high-beam, work light, Nelbellicht and rear fog light !!!
Lieghtbeams installed (so the visibility minimum is only eingeschrängt)
Indicator were installed
I hope you like him
A Gorßen Thanks goes out to this point BF_Stuttgart for the disposal position of the Ducato Karrosse and for permission to publish this, too.
!!! The interior is special nicht's what is meaningful in this vehicle is the exterior !!!
Who wants Mekkern because the interior can this myself do got the se bodywork as it is.
John Deere 5615F (TschiZack Gamieng)

Modell: BF_Stuttgart
Blitzleuchten: John Deere 5615F (ZschiZack Gamieng)
Script: Giants, Vertex Dezing
Idee / Konzept: John Deere 5615F (ZschiZack Gamieng)
Tester: John Deere 5615F (ZschiZack Gamieng)
Sonstige: SCS Software, ETS2

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