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Fichtelberg v1.0.0.0
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Fichtelberg v1.0.0.0

Welcome to Fichtelberg!
- all FS17 features included
- Collapsible fields
- Forestry
- Traffic and Pedestrians
- Driveable Train
- Cows, Pigs, Sheep and Chicken
- Some new Buildings
- Meadows
- Buyable Fields
- Field Missions
- European Style
- 91ha plowland
- 53 fields

- 17 meadows


  • Archeododo
    2016-12-29 17:28
    Very nice map, really i love it.Only one question: I didn't found the selling egg trigger. Any idea?
  • Palmer1965
    2016-12-30 05:14
    Map looks great, can only find 99 gold nuggets. Where is number 100
  • Archeododo
    2016-12-30 19:58
    The last gold nugget is inside the train tunnel (more or less in the middle of it). This one doesn't appear on the map, probably because it is underground.
  • Palmer1965
    2016-12-31 12:37
    Great, Thanks Archeododo
  • Bemster
    2017-01-01 16:32
    Great map - love it. Needed the last nugget location - thanks Archeododo. The one big issue I have is the video seems very slow and gets worst then better but seems like lag. I am playing single player so there should be none. I been playing other maps with no problems but I tried a fresh game start with Goldcrest valley and the game runs great. Not sure what is going on.
  • Tom


    2017-01-02 16:17
    only real problem ive found on this one so far, is when you spray manure, it displays the normal map on the field instead of the diffuse, ie, you paint the field purple as you spread.
  • Mickael
    2017-01-08 10:51
    c'est une superbe carte le seul problème il n'y a pas de fumiers dans l'enclot des vaches "pourriez vous le corriger "
  • Az


    2017-01-12 08:46
    I'm not able to collect manure from the cows. It says I have lots on the animals page but none is showing up where I would collect it. Is there a fix for this? Not sure if it shows for pigs as I do not have any yet. Thanks
  • Mike
    2017-01-17 12:06
    Wondering where the tip point is for potato and sugar beet storage. I've looked everywhere I can think of but I don't see a storage point for them, was there somewhere I missed or is it meant to just pile them anywhere?
  • Chimpy
    2017-02-02 00:10
    manure from the cows dont work It says i have 134 cows and 200.000+ manure but its not showing in the pit ? and also where do i sell eggs ?
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