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Field data sheet v1.0
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Field data sheet v1.0

Hello everybody,
after it had frustrated me again and again that I do not have enough, or even too much fruit was for a specific purpose in the camp, I wrote me a box sheet.
In the data sheet, the respective types of fruit, the ground processing status, the number of fertilizations, the harvest and the number of bales can be entered per field.
Except for the bales, "x" is entered in each field only one. In the column for bales logically the number must be entered.
The fields in which something has to be registered, have no background color. All other fields are stored largely with formulas. When these overwritten or deleted, the calculation may not operate correctly.
Depending on the entry totals are formed, so that you can see at any time what steps per box already made, or must be still.
The field data sheet is created for the standard card.
If you have questions, requests or suggestions are made, please message to me.


  • Kents08
    2016-11-01 19:22
    Thank you for sharing your sheet. But can you translate it in english please?I think lot of people doesn't speak deutch.
  • Greg
    2016-11-01 23:51
    Yes an English version would be great.
  • Wolf42
    2016-11-02 01:36
    gostei popa trabalho
  • Jumbo5747
    2016-11-02 13:37
    Hi Thomas,I really love your many mods, full marks to you for doing so many and which are so good.As the other guys mentioned above, would love to have this data sheet in English - here's hoping!!!....Do you know if anyone is working on a new FS 17 COURSEPLAY Mod yet? Would love to get my hands on that Mod, as a single player it is an absolute necessity as your farm grows.I wish you every success for the future (where are you from in Germany)
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