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Field Sell v1.0.0
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Field Sell v1.0.0

Makes it easy to buy and sell.
Model: RedeX
Texture: RedeX
Script: RedeX
Idea / Concept: RedeX
Testing: RedeX
Other: RedeX


  • Jaco
    2017-02-07 08:29
    Hi Thomas nice mod 1 problem if encounter.If you sell the field the money going to bank but when you buy n field the money is not being subtracted from your bank.
  • Gord
    2017-02-07 21:36
    Great idea!! This should come with the game out of the box. Being able to sell out and start over without starting a new game is a no brainer. Thanks for your hard work.
  • Lou


    2017-02-20 21:28
    I cannot find the key legend to bring out the menu for which field I want to sell. I found the keys "page up", "page down", "enter", and "Right Control" from the options menu on the game. But I have tried every key combination I could to bring me to the sell menu!!! Help. Thanks.
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