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Fillplane Mining & Construction Economy v02
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Fillplane Mining & Construction Economy v02

Here I present you the new created Fillplane 02 for the Mining & Construction Economy to available you are Coal Cement and so on.
Modell: 02
Textur: Kohle Zement Kies Rückstände Gold Sand Steine Beton usw
Idee / Konzept:
Tester: Dieter 123


  • Kooby98
    2017-02-05 22:18 Send message
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  • Periergos typos
    2017-02-06 15:47 Send message
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    What difference does this have (didn't download it)
  • Gazior 344
    2017-02-06 22:17 Send message
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    to nic nie zmienia mam tak od poczÄ…tku jak na video
  • Bob (wires)
    2017-02-07 02:06 Send message
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    Question where do we put these directories. Bob.
  • Kraig
    2017-02-07 12:00 Send message
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    @Bob, I hope we find a answer to your question. I have tried numerous locations as were to put these and have had no results. I guess I will follow this post and hopefully someone will be nice enough to share the answer.
  • Bob (wires)
    2017-02-07 17:30 Send message
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    @Kraig...As we are seeing with this map all the fruits show the same "fill Plane". I have managed to get these new files into the "mining Map" The different Fruits now show different Fill Planes. So if you are interested in what I did, Send me an Email, ( reference the Map "mining" Email [email protected]
  • Drayton
    2017-08-03 05:05 Send message
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    is this a map or a placeable
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