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Fire, Battalion Chief v1
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Fire, Battalion Chief v1

Hello all, first i wanted to give a personal edit of a fire batt chief  veh, close to what we have here in real life. ' I DO NOT TAKE, ANY CREDIT', i just wanted to have a fire veh like my farmer is also the Battalion Cheif of the local town. i just changed the paint, added a windsheild, and changed the color of the lights to all red like here. Added the fire crest, and batt cheif logo. Have Fun.

I Believe, Lambo and other Unknown modders . if some is yours you know who you are.

  • Testratyt
    2017-06-12 15:05
    this mod was stole the model off of lambo truck:A: it has a plow mountB: it has lambo photos in the file
  • Mac


    2017-06-13 04:09
    read the comment guy. he said it was lambo check the credit tab. it looks like he did only what he wrote, but i guess there is always one person who has to be a jack wagon lol
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