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First Let's Play for FS17
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First Let's Play for FS17

Dies ist das erste Let’s Play zum Landwirtschafts Simulator 17 von der Gamescom 2016.

This is the first Let's Play for Farming Simulator 17 from Gamescom 2016th.



  • Revalom pl is retarded
    2016-08-18 02:08
    REVALOM is beyond stupid. The vast number of improvements in FS15 over 2013 could fill a thick book, but it's all lost on a retarded cunt like REVALOM PL.
  • Revalom pl is retarded
    2016-08-18 02:54
    the gameplay did not show what the shop menu looks like
  • Name
    2016-08-18 12:39
    Kids who think they no all but no nothing, ive playex from fs08 till now and the game just gets better and better, and the thing with no new models , open your eyes lad you blind bat .
  • Vass77
    2016-08-18 18:10
    I was at gamescon. The demo only shows the same play every time. Giants is hiding this lame game from buyers.
  • Guest
    2016-08-19 00:22
    FS17 will be a waste of time and money. there are hardly any changes worth buying the game for. the reason the mods from 15 are said to be easily converted is because very little changes are happening from 15 to 17 game engine wise. so why pay more money? just to have a few more pieces of equipment in game instead of your mod folder? POS.
  • Name
    2016-08-19 00:25
    i think the retarded cunt is the guy who defends the game claiming huge changes between 13 to 15 and 15 to 17. or the asshat to says "i've played since 08, the game keeps getting better and better." we aren't seeing enough improvements to buy a whole new game. should be DLC's to already existing games.
  • Dave
    2016-08-19 16:47
    I bet all that thinks fs17 is a waste of money still buys it on disc or downloads it anyways so whats the pointvin complsining about it in the first place
  • Dave
    2016-08-19 16:49
    The retards is also those who comments with someone elses comment as they cant think of what to say themselves
  • Name
    2016-08-19 18:53
    Its a game who cares as you will all buy it anyways
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