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Flagpack 1-50 v2.2
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Flagpack 1-50 v2.2

Sodele nu isses extent.

Version 2.2
In the complete flagpack package 1-70 all triggers are removed.

First of all a big thanks to VarusXX for his patience and support.

I have his Basismod (see -> https://www.modhoster.de/mods/platzierbare-fahne) changed as Universalmod.
Of course only with his consent because I am determined not want to rest on laurels of others.

This is a flag Pack is now emerged that currently contains 5 packages a '10 flags.
In the current complete package I added a description as a PDF file.

Thus, everybody can choose what he would like to have.
Point of sale or display in PDA etc has not been changed.
And why. Has not the advantage if it is not in a map as the Kuhhof ...
just stand up a flag and the problem resolves itself into pleasure.

You can contact me or simply write VarusXX if the desired is not yet available.
Or simply express his wish in the comments.

Through the current flexibility of the mods a rebuild is a breeze.
nu wish I still have fun with it.
Greetings from Baden Würtemberg
fs hilli

Grund-Modell: VarusXX
Modifikation: fs-hilli
Idee / Konzept: VarusXX
Tester: VarusXX, fs-hilli

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