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FlatLands 2018 v1.17
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FlatLands 2018 v1.17

FlatLand 2018
Small map
Not finished yet. Maybe v2
New Textures
More trees
Buyable fields
Start Vehicles
Map is Work in Progress.

Model: EpicPrydaMods
Texture: EpicPrydaMods
Script: EpicPrydaMods
Idea / Concept:EpicPrydaMods
Testing: EpicPrydaMods
Other: EpicPrydaMods, Giants

  • Fid


    2018-02-15 17:38
    Anything that this clown THOMAS has his name next to i dont download because hes a cnut
  • Epicprydamods
    2018-02-15 17:52
    @FID download my mods here : https://www.modhoster.com/mods/flatlands-2018
  • @fid
    2018-02-15 17:54
    Just an FYI, Thomas is one of the Admins of this site Modhub, he doesn't have anything to do with modding, he just approves and adds the mods to this site, thats all
  • Beautiful map!
    2018-02-15 17:56
    Beautiful map! Can't wait for when it's finished
  • @epicprydamods!
    2018-02-15 20:06
    NO THANKS! I tried your modhoster link and my screen turned RED, with Google warning this site has been reported to ICANNS internet for deceptive and misleading practices and it IMMEDIATELY opened my Anti-virus program!!!!! Screw that, I can get it here without the viruses thank you very much!
  • Wrangler
    2018-02-15 21:13
    @fid: https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/adult-health/in-depth/anger-management/art-20045434
  • Epic
    2018-02-15 21:20
    Nice map, keep going I like it, just fix the fence at the grainstation on the main farm, where the question mark is, I would move it more toward the trees to give a little more turn room to vehicles
  • Alexa
    2018-02-18 10:41
    belisima la mapa...
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