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Flatwood Acres v2.3
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Flatwood Acres v2.3

Same description as before.
Added: choppedstraw, sale of eggs at bakery, diner, Mary's place.

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  • Jd


    2017-03-20 02:36
    What do you do with the forage from the biofuel plant??
  • Brownthumb
    2017-03-20 04:22
    feed the cows.
  • Hottie
    2017-03-27 22:31
    Suuuuuuper Map ,absolute Spitze.Ich hoffe es geht noch weiter so in Richtung Multifruit( Carrot Onion Triticale Rye Oat Rice Cotton Redcabbage whitecabbage Millet Spelt Sugarcane..........) Das wäre es !!!!!!Bin gespannt und sage nochmals Danke Danke Danke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Weiter so ,denn ich würde sehr gern MEHRERE Versionen spielen wollen .MfGHottie
  • Eliminator
    2017-04-08 21:01
    great american map , great job brownthumb
  • Jd


    2017-05-10 20:57
    What kind of fuel do you put in the composter to get it to work?
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