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Fliegl 4Achs Tieflader Final v2.0
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Fliegl 4Achs Tieflader Final v2.0

Hello LS addiction
Today it should be so far that the Fliegl with its updates may make your maps uncertain

to the update
- Fixed straps
- UAL installed: Thanks a lot to facebook.com/HoFFiLSModding/ obstruct and adapt the script with update
- DH installed
- AR Attacher .. a total of 3 pieces .. the short ones from the MAN AR pack fit 2 in a row
- The original wheels separated from the rim so that the rims could get color choice

last but not least
- The Object Attacher so that a bucket on it remains

big thanks to the testers who stood by me on the home stretch! (They had discovered errors that were not displayed to me, detected errors, banned errors ^^)
I can not think of more .. if then it is a surprise
Anyone who has criticism I take it gladly .. but please Consider that I have just 1 year LS on the Calculator and also only 10-11 months with interruption Modde, I always give 100% and learn every day.

BR Mod Performance

  • Bangbang
    2018-07-14 05:36 Send message
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    Anyone know what truck is in that first picture? Kind of looks like a Unimog.
  • Aj


    2018-07-14 09:46 Send message
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    it is a Unimog
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