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Fliegl Lowbody v1.0.0.6
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Fliegl Lowbody v1.0.0.6

Price: 20.000 €
Daily Upkeep: 10 €/day
maincolor: selectable

With this Fliegl Lowloader you can transport bale and pallets and also vehicles and tools.
Key Y: this deactivates the trigger for holding vehicles on the trailer so you can use the tensionbelts. when the trigger is active, you can't fasten the tensionbelts.
already applied belts however stay on the trailer.
Key N: mount warning signs for over wide loading
Key X: fold / unfold ramps


  • Pravus
    2017-01-05 06:08
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    Now i just need a semi trailer like this but a lot bigger! Nice mod though :)
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